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TikTok has quickly established itself as one of the most popular social media platforms – standing tall beside giants like Twitter and Meta (Facebook and Instagram). While younger users once dominated the space, the medium is maturing. Users of all ages and demographics are catching on to the trend. At DeBlasio New Media Marketing, we have been helping businesses throughout Greater Boston as well as across the country and around the world seize opportunities presented by cutting-edge technology like TikTok for over 15 years and counting. We’ve built a reputation as the go-to TikTok marketing company in Boston on consistent results and exceptional service.

Don’t waste your budget or time working with a TikTok marketing company in Boston or anywhere else that attempts to apply cookie-cutter style solutions to your unique business. When you work with DeBlasio New Media Marketing, you can expect a personalized experience. We start with direct consultation. Once we are familiar with your business, our experienced technical and creative professionals can collaborate to create and implement a custom TikTok marketing strategy that addresses your goals head-on. Our efforts can encompass coordinated account management, paid advertising placement, organic content creation, influencer partnership solutions and more.

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When it comes to putting your company’s message in front of attentive eyes, TikTok is an exceptionally effective resource. The service already reached over 1.2 billion active users in the fourth quarter of 2021 and expects to touch 1.5 billion by 2023.¹ As the number 1 downloaded app in Apple’s App Store in 2022 and with growing traction in Android’s Google Play Store, TikTok is on course to make this benchmark with ease.² If you are searching for a TikTok marketing company in Boston to help your business tap into this activity, our team at DeBlasio New Media Marketing has you covered.


In addition to widespread popularity, part of what makes TikTok so special is its high level of user interaction. Unlike passive mediums like television, radio and even other social media platforms to some extent – TikTok users are remain active throughout their time on the app with micro-commands to favorite, swipe past or learn more about the content they are being served. An average user spends about an hour of their time each day on the app.³ What’s more: 66% users report having their buying decisions influenced by the app.⁴


TikTok’s robust algorithm is a large part of the app’s overall success. This technology allows the platform to automatically curate customized content feeds for each user – promoting maximum length session durations. As an individual continues to use the app, the results increase in accuracy.⁵ You can harness the power of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) that has made TikTok so successful with the help of an experienced TikTok marketing company in Boston.

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