Keeping It Fresh with The One-Third Mix

I hear it all the time. “I have no idea what my business should post on social media.” We all know it’s challenging to capture the attention of your audience when we are all inundated with information everywhere we look. In fact, a recent Microsoft survey determined that the average attention span is eight seconds, down from twelve seconds in the year 2000. That’s why I have developed the One-Third Mix to help maintain the attention of your audience and guide the social media strategy for your business.

The One-Third Mix is an easy way to ensure you are continuing to provide entertainment and value to your social media audience while still allowing your business to grow and gain new customers through very specific calls to action.

The First Third

One-third of all of your social media ads should be posts about your industry, but not necessarily about your business.

For example, if you are a lobster distributer, then a post or ad in this category might consist of an interesting fact about lobsters. “Claws Up! Did You Know That Lobsters Can Regenerate Lost Claws? It’s true, it takes a lobster a good five-years to regenerate a lost claw, but it happens. Thankfully we track all of our lobsters from the sea to your restaurant so we never lose your lobsters’ claws.”

It’s always important to capture the viewers’ eyes first. For each of the sections in the one-third, be sure to remember to include a compelling and interesting image related to the information in the post. In the case of the lobster claw, we might include an image of a giant one-clawed lobster. Even more important, be sure to brand the image with your business logo and website. You never know where the shared image will end up.

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The Second Third

One-third of your social media marketing posts and ads should enter your business into the common conversation.

Entering into the common conversation is a great way to get your name in front of your current and future customers while also personalizing your brand.

Let’s say it’s a particularly hot summer day. Keeping with our Lobster Distribution Company theme, we might do something as simple as taking a picture of one of the larger lobsters on the truck wearing a pair of sunglasses. On the picture we would include the website, logo and a little saying… “If You Think This Is Hot, Then You Should See My Nephew: He’s Boiling!” I find that posts where you enter into the common conversation will give you some of the best non-paid visibility due to the fact that everyone will want to share the posts with their friends and family.

The Last Third

The last third is arguably the most important third and it is definitely the third that business owners and decision makers care about most. One-third of all your posts should invariably include a call to action.

While you can include secondary calls to action in the first two-thirds of your posts, the final third should be easily identifiable calls to action.

Using our Lobster Distributor example once again, in the call to action post you might include a beautiful image of your fleet of branded trucks. On the photo you can include your logo and website, as well as a question, “Is Your Restaurant Looking for Fresh Lobster Delivered Daily?” Then in the text section of your post you would describe a few differentiating factors that separate your lobster delivery business from anyone else out there. “Unlike the other guys, all of our trucks are refrigerated with state of the art equipment. Our lobster goes from the ocean to our trucks to your restaurant door. We keep it fresh with no middleman. Call Us Today.”

Your call to action ads should be targeted to very specific audiences and you should use new call to action ads for each of your target markets.

Using the One-Third Mix to build a personality around your brand will allow you to set your business apart from the competition and capture the attention of your audience. In fact, over time the customer will start to look out for your social media posts and you will see an increase in customer interaction, an increase in customers sharing your posts and, most importantly, an increase in revenue and profit!

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