Pairing Interests and Demographics To Improve Your Facebook Advertising Campaign Performance

With 1.28 billion daily active users, it’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t open Facebook or Instagram at least once per day. It’s more important than ever that you find a company who understands how to use Facebook’s Ads Manager platform to exclude wasted ad views and focus on reaching the right customer with the right message, instead of merely focusing on the number of people who your ad reaches.

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We’ve been able to help companies exclude unwanted ad impressions and improve their ad interaction rates and e-commerce sales by pairing Facebook’s interest targeting options with demographic targeting options. The advanced demographic targeting available through Facebook’s Ad platform will allow us to reach customers who are most likely ready to buy your products or services. Once we have that audience in place we can then segment it out by interests and deliver ads with images and messages specific to each interest, increasing ad interaction rates, sales and leads for your business.

For example, if you own an e-commerce jewelry store, you most likely have products in a wide variety of price points and styles. For your mid-range line of jewelry, with an average price point of $150, you’d want to open your ad targeting up to customers in a wide range of income brackets and financial demographics. However, when you want to sell that one-of-a-kind elephant shaped diamond broach at $2k per piece, we’d want to place that ad in front of people who likely earn a certain income per year or greater to help ensure they can easily make that purchase. In addition to income ranges, we could also look at segmenting your ad audiences out by homeowners versus renters, likely net worth categories, as well as location and job title categories. All of which are available through Facebook's Ads Manager to help ensure that your ad reaches an audience who is most likley ready to buy.

When we have your demographic targeting in place, next we’d want to make sure that we’re only showing your ad to people who would be most interested in that specific piece of jewelry. In the example of the $2k elephant shaped broach, we would pair the financial demographic targeting with interest targeting, such as people who like or express interest in elephants, people who recently went on a safari or animal lovers in general. We’d then run tests to measure the performance of your ads and A/B test different interest targeting options, compare your ad interaction and e-commerce purchase rates overtime and adjust the future audience targeting based on the results.

With everyone from your grandmother to the board of directors and CEOs of fortune 500 companies opening the Facebook app on a daily basis, it’s more important than ever that you work with a company who understands how to exclude the junk and find the Facebook treasure for your business. At DeBlasio New Media Marketing, we help growth stage startups and family owned businesses in transition, in a wide-range of industries, use Facebook's ad targeting to reach new customers and increase their leads and e-commerce sales.

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