Google AdWords Setup: Here’s What You’re Missing

When properly set up, Google AdWords can be the perfect way to round out your online marketing strategy by placing your company at the top of the search engine results pages for the most valuable keywords in your industry. What most local and regional businesses don’t realize is that they have an advantage over large national brands.

National brands often create blanket campaigns through agencies that do not take the time to target ads based on specific local audience interests. We are going to take a look at a few ways local and regional brands can differentiate themselves by the way your Google AdWords campaign is setup.

Google AdWords Management Company


AdGroups are the most important aspect of any Google AdWords campaign. AdGroups allow you to create headlines and ad copy specific to each area within your business. For example, if you run a restaurant food supply company, then you would want to create AdGroups specific to each category of your business: deli meats, seafood, produce, etc. By creating separate AdGroups within each area of your business, your potential customer searching for “restaurant seafood supplier” will see an ad at the top of the Google search results page with a headline reading “the best restaurant seafood supplier”. You can then land your potential new customer into a website page with headlines, copy and images specific to the seafood supply sector of your business.

Mobile Click-To-Call

Another overlooked feature within AdWords is the “click to call” feature. With the growing prevalence of mobile device use within all customer segments, it is more important than ever to be sure that customers searching on a phone can easily click to call your business. Google’s call extensions allow the customer to call your business directly through the Google text ad on the search results page without ever having to go to your website.

Site-Link Extensions

If you look closely at the top ads within Google search, certain ads will often jump out at you because they not only provide a headline link, but they also include up to four website links underneath the main copy leading directly to specific sections of the advertiser’s website. These links are called site-link extensions. Site link extensions help separate you from your competition by providing additional information with links to your business’ website.

Google AdWords represents a huge opportunity for local and regional businesses to grab market share from larger corporations. Using Google AdWords, you can distinguish yourself through the use of headline copy that will resonate with the user more than the copy of your larger competitors. However, to get the most out of AdWords it needs to be managed by someone who is going to take the time to understand your business from all angles, work closely with you to understand your budget, and actually care about the success of the AdWords campaign. You must work with someone who will dedicate the time and energy to first understand your business, then build a campaign based upon your business needs, measure the results and continuously improve and update the campaign based on data.

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